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Commercial Bakery Consultant - T & T Bakery Consulting and Services Co., Inc. - Custom manufacturing and problem solving company offering a wide variety of services for start-up as well as existing bakery operations ranging from small retail sizes to fully automated baking facilities exceeding 100,000 sq. ft - Accomplished restaurant professionals bringing expertise & front-line experience to your toughest challenges.. - BIT Corp offers products for Food Processing Automation , Product Tracking , and Product Development . We have Preventive Maintenance Software and Maintenance Management Software - HM Food Consultants are a company specialising in Accountancy, Project Management, Production, Design and Engineering in the food processing industry. Working internationally, our team of experts have been responsible for the design construction and commissioning of processing facilities from Saudi Arabia to Japan , USA to the UK - Food and AgroSystems, Inc. (FASI) is an independent consulting firm providing practical technical and engineering assistance to food and agriculture related businesses - The Haskell Company, provides complete architectural, engineering, construction, and real estate services for food processing plants, distribution centers, warehouses, R&D facilities and low-temperature structures - Marda Stoliar has consulted with hundreds of bakeries over the past 20 years. Topics such as bakery openings, psychology of the bakery consumer, demographics, ethnic focus of products, business layout, and more help business owners understand what builds success